Creative possibilities

Illuminating stands with flyer dispensers are located on the counter, which is the most noticeable and most prominent advertising location within a pharmacy.

Located in the immediate vicinity of beachgoers, its size and position in relation to other facilities on the beach guarantees the best visibility and definitely conveys your message to all beachgoers.

Since a lifeguard tower is one of the prerequisites for obtaining the prestigious Blue Flag, you can rest assure that each location with a lifeguard tower is one of the most popular beaches in the Adriatic.

Company Curaprox informed employees and visitors of business towers about the importance of oral hygiene, types of toothbrushes, and their proper use. During the informative promotion all participants received complementary tooth brushes.

We teamed up with an expert team from company ESSILOR and optics BIRK to check your eyesight in business towers. Visitors and employees had the chance to undergo a three-minute vision test.

Healthcare centres in a new light – branding the waiting room with your advertising message!

The message can be applied on chairs and doors of the waiting room, while promotional materials, like colouring books for children  can be easily placed in the room.

If it is educational and continues through displays, time will fly by.

In addition to poster panels in B1 format, we also offer flyer dispensers, product shaped poster extensions, promotions and distribution of samples to make sure our client’s idea becomes a reality.

In cooperation with PHAROS MEDIA 100 of the biggest waiting rooms in health centres have been equipped with digital displays. Transfer your video from the TV screen into a digital format located in the waiting room of a general practitioner or paediatrician.

Office buildings give you an opportunity to connect your brand to potential buyers by distributing samples of your products.

Apart from standard posters and LED lit panels, you can attract additional attention of potential buyers through effective external or internal lift wraps.

Simpa and Zmajo and their creative use of hang tags and distribution of SIM cards have definitely attracted attention of potential new clients.
Nescafe surprised public transport passengers with coffee samples on hang-tags. The hang tags were in high demand during the campaign. That’s why we put up hang tags multiple times.
Hang tags let you communicate you campaign slogan, discounts to bringers, share recipes and product samples… More creative solutions generate more attention, and the possibilities are limitless.