Creative possibilities

ZD21B (4)

Lifeguard towers

Located in the immediate vicinity of beachgoers, its size and position in relation to other facilities on the beach guarantees…

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promocija toranj četkice

Educational promotions

Company Curaprox informed employees and visitors of business towers about the importance of oral hygiene, types of toothbrushes, and their…

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Format extensions

In addition to poster panels in B1 format, we also offer flyer dispensers, product shaped poster extensions, promotions and distribution…

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Digital advertising

In cooperation with PHAROS MEDIA 100 of the biggest waiting rooms in health centres have been equipped with digital displays.…

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Branding lifts

Apart from standard posters and LED lit panels, you can attract additional attention of potential buyers through effective external or…

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Hang tags with gifts

Simpa and Zmajo and their creative use of hang tags and distribution of SIM cards have definitely attracted attention of…

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Tram wrap

Here is an example of the sweetest tram ever to ride the streets of Zagreb, courtesy of B1 plakati. The…

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Branding pharmacies

Your campaign follows your potential buyers after they leave the waiting room at a healthcare centre. In pharmacies, the very…

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Hangers above counters additionally attract attention of potential buyers.

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LED panels

LED-lit B1 panels located in the window of the pharmacy are especially visible after sundown, even when the pharmacy is…

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Croatia Volunteers

We took part in the highly commendable campaign Croatia Volunteers, which follows the trend of raising awareness and sensitizing the…

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By putting up posters in high schools, we and our partners assisted high school students in the process of deciding…

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